About CallahanTech

CallahanTech was started in 2000 as a sole proprietorship to make it easier to do custom training for large corporations, training brokers, and companies that require sub-contract. Since then, the company has branched out; offering training, technical writing, professional speaking, and consulting services.

The principal expert on staff is CA Callahan, former SharePoint MVP, and certified Microsoft Technical Trainer. She has nearly 20 years of experience using, administering, teaching, and writing about Microsoft products. Although her original niche was enterprise deployment and security, over time her clients began to call on her more and more for her skills with Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Foundation, Search Express (which actually is SharePoint), and SharePoint Server. As the industry matured, she found that most of the emphasis from Microsoft was on Enterprise SharePoint implementations and customers, despite the vast number of non-enterprise customers depending on their products. This left an immense hole in the technical support landscape for those organizations that use the smaller of the two SharePoint products- SharePoint Services (now called SharePoint Foundation).

To pick up the slack in the information for that enormous market, CallahanTech offers support for companies who need training, documentation, or consulting on what SharePoint Foundation truly can do (see the books in the "Publication" column of this page to see that it can do enough to fill a 1000+ page book , with content to spare). To request more information use the Contact form.

Although Microsoft has decided focus on their SharePoint Server and Cloud products by not offering a 2016 version of SharePoint Foundation, CallahanTech has not stopped supporting SPF 2013, and will do so for years to come. In the meantime, CallahanTech is working actively in the SharePoint 2016 realm, focusing on the strengths of on-premises and hybrid deployments, as well as increasingly supporting clients moving to Office 365 to pursue the improved features.

New Directions 

CallahanTech has been exploring opportunities in training, consulting, and writing in the field of Linux, Drupal, and Novell (SUSE). In addition, Cloud offerings, such as Office 365 (O365), G Suite, Zoho, and Salesforce, are being examined.

Many businesses, from the enterprise to non-profit, have begun to make use of G Suite and Office 365. To that end, CallahanTech has been developing resources for those clients who need to migrate to the cloud or use both cloud and on-premise storage and servers in a hybrid configuration. CallahanTech is also one of the few companies that has a deep understanding of how to effectively implement the F1 Office 365 subscription to support a variety of Firstline Workers, Field Workers, and other boots-on-the-ground staff scenarios, effectively and economically.

CallahanTech also realizes that, in today's economic climate, more and more customers are considering moving away from Microsoft in a bid to relieve themselves of the burden of increasing licensing issues and the growing difficulties in terms of deployment, update management, and software management. In terms of being forced to the Cloud, many customers are facing migration issues and loss of control of the products they are paying a subscription for. With unexpected updates to underlying code, feature loss, and changes to subscription plans after purchase, clients can be reluctant to move away from their on-premises infrastructure. In an attempt to help support those clients, CallahanTech is increasing its investment in alternatives to the Microsoft platform. Please use the Contact form for more information.


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